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"Me as the king? Hm, I don't mind that kind of role-playing. You're ready to obey my every command, then?"

Character Description[]

Licht's younger twin brother and a complete flirt, but he's clever enough to outwit just about anybody. You notice his flippant behaviour just comes from trying to hide scars that run deep. Will you be the one to heal those scars?


Nokto has blood red eyes and shoulder length ash-grey hair. Although his clothing is rich, he wears his attire casually, unbuttoned and slightly showing some skin.


Nokto is famous for having a flirty personality and beyond that he seems to enjoy spending each of his nights with different women. Though he is a womanizer, his sly, quick-witted personality along with his charm and good communication and socializing skills make him an asset and proves how good he is at his job.


  • His arm of coats or crest is a fox.
  • His blood type is B.
  • He hates carrots and bell peppers, like his twin brother Licht.