Ikemen prince Wiki

"I'm not a poor prince. Even if no one accepts me, I will."

Character Description[]

Don't let this prince's beauty fool you, for his haughty and proud nature, and the fact that he's as fickle as cat makes him hard to tame. But the pained expressions he sometimes makes when he thinks no one is looking... just what exactly is he hiding?


Yves has radiant blue eyes and soft blonde hair that's parted on the left side and slightly covers his face. He takes special care of his appearance and always looks effortlessly beautiful.


He seems somewhat hostile, haughty and proud at first glance, but he is only trying to hide that he cares about others. Yves adores his most of his brothers, and often shows his affection through baking. He is a tsundere type of person who loves deeply, but he needs time to be able to show a sweeter, warmer side of his. Despite his haughty attitude, he is easily flustered.


  • His arm of coats or crest is a cat.
  • His blood type is A.
  • He loves baking.
  • He can play the violin.
  • He is wearing his mother's ear ring in his left ear.
  • He has high alcohol tolerance.